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Investments are potentially rewarding, but they also carry risks – their value may go down as well as up.

The same holds true, of course, for those investments you make in your retirement. Since the funds at your disposal are likely to be somewhat reduced and because their value needs to be maintained throughout your retirement years, however, this is a time when you are more than ever likely to weigh very carefully the balance between investment rewards and the risk of investment and capital loss.

What investments?

We can help advise you on the different types of investments available and suggest those that must meet your attitude to risk and reward, as well as your investment goals.

The most common types of investments (known as “asset classes”) are: 

Shares – this is where you buy a stake in a company.

Cash – the savings you put in a bank or building society account.

Fixed interest securities (also called bonds) - you loan your money to a company or government.

Property – where you invest in a physical building, whether residential or commercial.

But there are other types of investments available too, including:

Collectibles, such as art, wine and antiques.

Foreign currency.

Commodities like oil, coffee, corn, rubber or gold.

Contracts for difference, where you bet on shares gaining or losing value.

As a general rule, spreading your money between the different types of asset classes helps lower the risk of your overall portfolio under performing.

Independent Pension Specialists Ltd – Pension & Investment Specialists

Striking the balance that is appropriate for you between reward and risk is our mission here at Independent Pension Specialists Ltd (IPSL) – Independent Financial Advisers specialising in pension and investment matters.

In your retirement, your investments may be geared towards any number of objectives, including:

The provision of a regular income stream.

A supplement to any reduction in income as a result of your stopping work.

Income from which to meet school, college or university fees.

Expenditure on luxuries such as holidays or club membership fees.

With our help, you may be able to build your personal investment portfolio around specific objectives, sensitive to any time horizon and dependent on your attitudes to investment risk and capital loss.

Professional, independent financial advice

Not only is it likely to be a challenge to strike the appropriate balance between reward and risk, but the rewards themselves are becoming increasingly difficult to sustain in these days of low interest rates.

Yet getting it as balanced as can be is as important as ever, since your income and capital values need to see you through the whole of what will hopefully be a lengthy retirement. 

You need to consider carefully the level of income you are likely to require, for long it is going to be needed, and what impact there might be on withdrawing funds for income against the remaining value of your capital.

Professional and independent financial advice from specialists such as ourselves may help you to maintain a steady income stream and reduce the risks commonly associated with some investments.

To discuss matters further, simply call us on 01622 238000 or complete the “Contact Us” form.

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