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Apps to help you save money

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You know it makes sense. But like so many things in life, you often need help in doing the right thing.

That is the principle informing a slew of apps that help you save money – harnessing what you know to be a sensible thing to do with all the cunning and convenience of cutting-edge technology.

Here, then, is our selection of those apps designed to help you do the sensible thing.

Formally approved apps

One of the features of a recent round-up of such apps by the Consumers’ Association’s Which? magazine at the beginning of the year is that all are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or by regulated open banking providers:


  • Yolt brings together in a single app (available from the App Store, Google Play, or to run on your desktop) all your finances at a glance. It draws input from your bank accounts, pensions, and credit cards that are maintained by more than 35 UK banks and financial institutions;

Money Dashboard

  • Money Dashboard, too, is an app that presents all of your financial information in one place;
  • by giving you that information at a glance, you can immediately see where your money is going. You can also set targets for your expenditure under particular spending categories – including forecasts on future balances if you start saving now;
  • currently, Money Dashboard is supported by more than 70 UK banks and financial institutions – with more being added all the time;


  • billed as “your best financial friend”, Emma also connects all your accounts in one place, but, in this instance, seeks to give you a tad more control over your finances by identifying those annoyingly wasteful recurring subscriptions, helping you avoid overdrafts and other money-saving suggestions;
  • the app can also track any cryptocurrency holdings you have;
  • the basic app is free to use, but an Emma Pro subscription offers additional features, including cashback and rewards schemes.

Other money-saving apps

It is not only through your banking apps that you stand to save money, of course.

In an article, the Evening Standard also suggested several apps that may help you make still further savings on your spending:


  • ByMiles is a pay-as-you-go motor insurance app that relies on smart telematics installed in your car to insure you for each mile you drive, rather than a fixed annual premium;
  • you pay a flat fee for all the time your car is parked during the year and then an additional monthly premium based on the number of miles you have driven;


  • Fintech company Osper has gone into partnership with KidStart to issue a pre-paid debit card for use by children by way of their pocket money;
  • the money-saving feature of this offering is that your shopping through Kidstart – the country’s most significant online family shopping outlet – earns cashback discounts with which to keep the Osper card automatically funded;


  • having started life as a US-based “robo-lawyer” – offering ways to appeal parking tickets, make cases before the small claims court, and other legal advice – the app DoNotPay has been taken up in the UK. Its principal feature has been the ability to cancel any subscription service on your behalf at the timing you choose.

Saving money is something we might often promise ourselves to do. These apps may help not only in pushing us in the right direction but also positively supporting those cash-saving good intentions.

This data is correct as at the time of writing.

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