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Mindset and why it matters

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Your mindset matters. Develop a positive mindset and the seemingly impossible may be within your grasp. A positive mindset contributes to your overall sense of happiness, health, and success. What you think – and the way you think it – can become as powerful a force as exercise and nutrition. Mindset is crucial to your wellbeing insists the website Mindset Matters.

Defining mindset

Mindset is one of those terms that probably defies a hard and fast, immutable definition. It may have slightly different meanings in different contexts. That flexibility is often present when trying to understand concepts concerned with your wellbeing – and your mindset has a lot to say about your wellbeing.

In an article on the earlier this year, the website Lifehack suggests that your mindset determines your overall path in life and how you rise to particular challenges and opportunities. Your attitude helps to shape how you see the world, and it is your mindset that might dictate whether you are a success or failure in what you do.

Some people seem to think that we are born with a particular mindset. The website Verywell Mind, for example, suggested that we are born with one of just two types of mindset:

• some are born with a mindset that is fixed in the belief that certain qualities are inherent, unchangeable, and static;

• others have a mindset that is open to growth, development, and change, with qualities and abilities that can be enhanced through hard work and application.

There are two difficulties with this binary approach: if you are born with a particular mindset, it suggests that there is practically little you can do about it. It is somehow fixed – and there is the equally unhelpful suggestion that all you need is a positive mindset and you are somehow assured of success.

Neither suggestion is entirely accurate. As Lifehack says, taking a more optimistic approach means your mindset can be developed, and you can help yourself to think differently and more positively. It allows Mindset Matters its claim to help you change your ways of thinking so that you can develop a more positive, clear, and balanced view of the world and your pathways through it.

Developing your mindset

Since it is possible to develop a more acute, goal-oriented mindset, therefore, just how might you go about doing just that?

Goals and purposes

• you might want to start by re-thinking your goals, why you set them, and your purpose in achieving them. This could be setting financial goals, such as saving x amount a month or physical – for example, going for a run three times a week. It can even be mental, by you putting an appointment in your diary for time for yourself;

• at its simplest and most basic, for instance, you might be setting a goal simply because it makes you feel good;

• these so-called “feel-good goals” tend not to be especially profound, they may have little purposeful reason for setting them up, and, as a result, may be more easily delayed or abandoned altogether;

• once a goal is set because you specifically need to achieve the outcome – it is a critical or life-defining objective – it is naturally more profound and becomes essential to how you are living your life;

• therefore, you come to see this second type of goal as one of your very purposes for living;

Make certain it will happen

• goals may often be set as desirable outcomes only – you tell yourself and promise to others – that you will try to make these things happen;

• a positive change towards a more developed mindset is to substitute that declaration of what you are trying to make happen to what you will make happen;

• by telling yourself – and others around you – that you are committed to making something happen, that it will happen, not only lends a greater seriousness to your declared goal or goals but also gives you a keener focus and determination in seeing things through to a successful conclusion;

Progress is progress

• very few worthwhile goals and objectives are achieved overnight but are the culmination of many smaller steps forward towards your ultimate goal;

• learn that progress is made in this way so that you are not put off by a slower pace of change – or even failures and reversals – but recognise the achievement you are making with each and every step forward;

Your mindset … and more

• remember what was said about a positive mindset not being any failsafe certainty of success;

• a positive mindset will help, but you might also need to develop other skills and talents to achieve certain goals – recognise that there may be more to be learned and that the final achievement of your objectives will therefore be that much more satisfying and rewarding;

Two steps forward … and one step back

• the road to success may be paved with countless setbacks and failures along the way;

• come to terms with that fact – hard as some of those failures might be to accept – and incorporate those events into developing your mindset;

• whatever the setbacks, your commitment to the goals you have set allows you to believe in yourself.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of suggestions for developing a more positive, goal-oriented mindset. But recognise that there are things you can do and ways in which you might change your thinking to achieve what you might otherwise have thought impossible.

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