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Prestige Christmas Hamper Ideas

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Have you started counting the number of shopping days to Christmas yet? Are you stuck for ideas to suit friends or relations, or are you responsible for organising corporate gifts at work?

Then here’s some prestige and uniquely different Christmas hamper ideas that will definitely delight the recipients. We’ve included non-alcoholic and vegan options too, to suit different tastes.

For around £75 to £120

Highgrove Basket

Bringing a new twist to an already upmarket Christmas hamper from Fortnum and Mason is the Highgrove Basket.

Just as the name suggests, this £85 hamper incorporates a good deal of organic produce inspired by that grown in the gardens of the Prince of Wales’ Highgrove House.


Show your regard for some of the latest healthy eating and drinking concerns by choosing a hamper that is both meat- and alcohol-free.

At just short of £110, this basket of Abundance from Hays Hampers contains an assortment of meat-free indulgences and soft drinks that strikes a refreshingly different note to the usual Christmas hamper.

Bath and Facial Pamper Hamper

Alternatively, for around £120, you can break from tradition altogether and choose a hamper that contains no food and beverages but instead treats your clients, friends or relations to a wide range of well-being products.

This different style of Bath and Facial Pamper Hamper contains luxurious lotions for the skin, and hair shampoo and conditioner with aromas designed to woo the senses.

Eye Full Tower

Billed as one of your first choices for a corporate gift and with a tempting assortment of goodies perfect for sharing around the office, the Eye Full Tower is a monument of premium treats from pickle, pâté, nuts and crackers to fruit cake, chocolate, popcorn and fudge – a tower-full for £90.

£150 to £300

Fortnum and Mason’s Wine Hamper

Make a change from your usual case of wine or bottles of spirit that you send to corporate clients with a hamper of wine and other tipples that carries the touch of class of Fortnum and Mason. Their specially chosen Wine Hamper costs £175.

Deluxe Food Hamper

In a similarly top-class product from purveyors of fine foods and wine is the Lewis and Cooper’s Deluxe Food Hamper. Around £300 buys you the kind of selection to impress your friends or clients with your discerning taste and generosity.

Family Favourites Hamper

This Family Favourites Hamper is for both the young and old to enjoy, leaving no one feeling left out since it combines a selection of fine foods and drinks that are alcohol-free. At £212, it is a suitable present to give to family, friends, or those of your clients who are teetotal or have young children.

£300 or more

Prestige Christmas Hamper

The champagne, the finest wines, and artisan foods put the stamp on this Prestige Christmas Hamper – ideal for sharing around the office or among family and friends – for just under £330.

Buckingham Banquet Hamper

With echoes of the palace, the aptly named Buckingham Banquet Hamper is bursting with fine food and beverages (choose from alcoholic or alcohol-free) fit for the Queen.

It is packaged in two robust and decorative wicker baskets and costs in the region of £794 (or just under £415 for the non-alcoholic version).

The Knaresborough

Assembled by purveyors of fine food and wines the Knaresborough from Cartwright & Butler (and sold by Harrods of London) weighs in at an especially pricey £500. But for that, your especially favoured recipients get not one but two fully-stocked wicker picnic baskets crammed with all manner of delicacies.

Classic Christmas Hamper

If you’re after one of the biggest of Christmas hampers to wow that number one corporate client, you might consider investing some £600 in the Classic Christmas Hamper from Clearwater Hampers.

DIY Hampers

A classic Christmas hamper from the nation’s favourite supplier Fortnum and Mason may even be personalised and handcrafted by you own selection of goodies for it to contain.

Choose a small hamper of just one to four items, a medium basket of five to nine items, or a large hamper of ten or more things, and you get to choose who gets what – and how much you pay, of course.

The data quoted in this article is correct at the time of writing.


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