IPSL Services

Whether you are seeking advice on putting your pensions into payment or require a review of your existing pension plans with retirement planning in mind, we have a service that may be able to help you. In some circumstances, more than one service or a combination of services may be appropriate, for example IPSL Pension Clarity™ followed by IPSL Pension Harvest™.

IPSL Pension Harvest™

This service is for those that are wishing to put their pensions into payment at normal pension age whether or not they are actually retiring at this time. It is for those who are seeking advice on how best to structure pension tax free cash and/or income payments.

IPSL Pension Checker™

This service is for those who want to focus on and gain access to our pension review and transfer expertise. It is for those who are considering a pension transfer or consolidation exercise but are not looking to actually draw on the pensions at this time. You may wish to review your pensions for a number of reasons including contract terms, charges, performance issues, poor service or to gain access to different investment options.

IPSL Pension Clarity™

This is a comprehensive service designed for those who want to understand what pension arrangements they have. They need to understand what income these may generate in retirement, what their post retirement income needs are and how the reality of their situation may differ from expectations. It seeks to provide clarity around pensions, the options that are available now and later in life, as well providing an action plan on how to make the most of your arrangements and to make up for any shortfalls that there may be.

IPSL Pension Freedoms™

This service is designed for those who want to take advantage of the new flexibility that recent changes in pension legislation brought us, by cashing in their pension entirely or taking significant lump sums out of their pension arrangements, whether these be personal or company sponsored pensions. In the past, this type of situation has also been referred to as Pension Release or Pension Unlocking. There are many factors to consider when looking at this option and it is certainly not right for everyone; there can be considerable risks. This service is, therefore, dedicated to making sure that you are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages before you proceed.

What our clients say

“I could not have got any better service with anyone else. Samantha was faultless in the service she provided to me”

T. Brown

“All info was explained well including all possible options. Would recommend you to others with no risk to my own reputation”

J. Flegg


“Everything that I required was dealt with promptly and very efficiently by all persons who I dealt with. I cannot thank them enough. NOBODY DOES IT BETTER”


“Taken through the whole process, explained everything all the way through, very pleased with outcome. Excellent service."

R. Bennett

“Everything was thoroughly explained. Was kept fully informed all the way through the process”

G. Cook

The IPSL Client Journey

You are at the centre of our process. We provide a face to face or remote service, depending on your needs and location. As independent financial advisers authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we provide specialist advice that will always have your best interests at heart. We only use UK based solutions.