Retirement Planning

We are living longer and that means – generally many – more years in retirement.

Our specialist help and advice on Retirement Planning and Pensions is designed to help you make the most of your retirement pot – both before and when you decide to draw the benefits.

Why Is Retirement Planning So Important?

With something as important as your pension, there are many considerations to take into account if you want to make the very most of its provision:

  • How much income might you need in retirement, and at what age?
  • How long are you likely to need that income?
  • What are some of the changing personal circumstances you may encounter?
  • What lifestyle choices are you going to be making?
  • How do you intend to ensure that State pension benefits continue to work for you?
  • How do you wish to protect your family financially?
  • Do you have any other investment income?

In short, the host of questions you might be asking yourself might be bewildering – but they are all questions that need answers if you are to make the most of the pension for which you worked so hard.

How Independent Pension Specialists Ltd (IPSL) Work With You

Our independent advice has one aim in mind – to help you make the most of your life in retirement. That means:

  • Working with you to establish the objectives and priorities of your Retirement Planning.
  • Establishing the structures that are likely to minimise your tax liabilities – both pre- and post-retirement.
  • Reducing risks in order to secure the level of income you need – both now and in the future.
  • Addressing any specific requirements – such as your family circumstances and whether appropriate provision needs to be made within your pension arrangements for family members.

“Vesting” or “Crystallisation”

These are simply the technical terms for putting your pension into payment. There are several different ways – and, once again, the decisions you make are likely to impact the retirement income you have and the time it endures.

The most common methods are Flexi Access Drawdown and Annuity, but there are many variations of these arrangements as well as what can be described as “Hybrid” or “Third Way” contracts that look to combine some of the benefits of an Annuity (fixed, secure income) with those of a Flexi Access Pension Drawdown (flexibility, investment return, death benefits).

Flexi Access Drawdown

  • This is a method that allows you to draw your pension, but then to reinvest the proceeds into funds designed to provide a regular income.
  • A proportion of your pension (typically 25%) may be withdrawn tax free, whilst investing the remainder into funds to provide a regular income.


  • Annuities may offer a secure source of income, but you typically get a one-time decision only – and are locked into the arrangement for the rest of your life.
  • Your choice of annuity is completely open, but the annuity market is exceptionally competitive and you may be faced with a number of bewildering choices when shopping around for the annuity that suits you, your lifestyle and your personal expectations.
  • Choosing the appropriate annuity might make thousands of pounds worth of difference to your income over your lifetime.

Let Us Help

It is probably clear that making your choice between an Annuity and / or one of the many variations of Flexi Access Drawdown is likely to be difficult and complex – but a decision that is likely to shape the rest of your life throughout a long retirement.

For help in negotiating all the twists, turns and uncertainties of your Retirement Planning, therefore, you might want to draw on the specialist, expert advice we provide here at Independent Pension Specialists Ltd. If so, please call us on 01622 238000 or complete the “Contact Us” form.

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